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specializes in producing fishing lures, such as spinner, spoon,
plastic lures, lead fish, hi-tech ice products and so on.
Fishing lines:2717
2717-016 0.16mm 3.70kg
2717-018 0.18mm 4.90kg
2717-020 0.20mm 5.90kg
2717-022 0.22mm 6.80kg
2717-025 0.25mm 8.40kg
2717-028 0.28mm 10.40kg
2717-030 0.30mm 12.10kg
2717-035 0.35mm 14.30kg
2717-038 0.38mm 14.90kg
2717-040 0.40mm 15.4kg
2717-045 0.45mm 16.5kg
2717-050 0.50mm 19.9kg

New generation of professional fishing line "MEGASTRONG" arose from the combination of the unique,specially developed,molecular formula of the japanese original stock and the highest technologies of the sterile manufacturing with continuous qualily control.As a result-sinking fishing line "MEGASTRONG" meets all the actual requirements of fishermen;
maximum strength on the knots,especially,on the recommended ones;
the best combination of delicacy,elasticiy and stretching property;
high protection against mechanical,chemical and UV actions
absence of memory ability
unpretentiousness to the operating and usage conditions.
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