Zhejiang Rui’an Tuying Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd
specializes in producing fishing lures, such as spinner, spoon,
plastic lures, lead fish, hi-tech ice products and so on.
Fishing lines:2721
2721-008 0.08mm 6.10kg
2721-010 0.10mm 7.50kg
2721-012 0.12mm 9.00kg
2721-014 0.14mm 11.00kg
2721-016 0.16mm 14.00kg
2721-018 0.18mm 17.00kg
2721-020 0.20mm 20.00kg
2721-022 0.22mm 25.00kg
2721-025 0.25mm 31.00kg
2721-028 0.28mm 35.00kg
2721-030 0.30mm 39.00kg
2721-035 0.35mm 48.00kg

The fishing braided cord "Megastrong" is executed from raw materials of perfect quality,with the strict control of manufacturing.Dense braiding and sheeting guarantee almost zero extensibility and essentially reduce noise at winding.Diameters and colours offered by the manufacturer assume use of this reliable cord at the majority of ways of fishing.
Optimumunreeling is 130 metres.
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