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specializes in producing fishing lures, such as spinner, spoon,
plastic lures, lead fish, hi-tech ice products and so on.
Fishing lines:2708
2708-010 0.10mm 7.55kg
2708-012 0.12mm 9.05kg
2708-014 0.14mm 11.00kg
2708-016 0.16mm 13.20kg
2708-018 0.18mm 15.70kg
2708-020 0.20mm 17.55kg
2708-022 0.22mm 19.15kg
2708-025 0.25mm 22.70kg
2708-028 0.28mm 25.20kg
2708-030 0.30mm 28.30kg
2708-035 0.35mm 31.70kg

Professional braided highest-quality fishing line"PULSAR".
Due to the use of the newest technology of Thermal Fusion soldering of fibres of Dyneema under a very high temperature,derived fishing line ossesses the row of undeniable qualities such as;
mooth surface,does not absorb water,ibeally laid on all width of a bobbin,does not tangled on casting,has almost zero extensibility,nformatively transmits a signal about biting,that enables to recommend fishing line ice fishing.
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